About Us


Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition (“DSUHC”) has been formed by concerned citizens of the Southwestern part of the state of Utah to address some of the most extreme and egregious assaults on our nation and our communities that we have seen in our lifetimes. We find ourselves watching with horror from a distance, as certain parts of America deteriorate into morbid states of anarchical chaos and decay, where violence, killing, destruction of property and general lawlessness are becoming routine. We also note how the promoters and purveyors of such awfulness consider it also necessary to engage in persistent attacks on the culture, history, tradition and religion of those whom they consider in any way to be impediments to their malevolent causes. And we notice further with a high degree of concern, the threats that are regularly made, to close the distance and spread this dreaded circumstance to the rest of the country.

We will stand firm, to do whatever we can to keep our part of the nation affectionately known by us as “Utah’s Dixie” from being affected by the spill – over of such commotion, or even worse, becoming subjugated to the forces that would forever change our lives, our liberty and our pursuit of an existence that our ancestors fought so hard to create – a legacy they have turned over to us to maintain and further refine for our children and future generations. Indeed, we now find ourselves standing at a crossroad that we never anticipated, where we must either take a strong stand for our country and our community and our families, or choose to take a knee before those that would forever change and even shred our sacred entrustment in both nature and purpose for their own defiling uses. We choose the former! We despise the latter.

DSUHC plans to take measured steps to protect the distinctive and honored history, heritage, reputation and quality of life of our community. This will include engaging in appropriate community action, and where necessary, undertaking aggressive and creative strategies to reverse certain trends as well and fend off the attacks upon our community which in some cases are already occurring. We believe that the best method is to educate and to seek understanding and common ground with our critics. We also consider it both our right and responsibility to speak out powerfully and to take action against those who feel that it is their cause to tear down our history, culture and our tradition as a precondition for the establishment of their preferred societal objectives.

Utah’s Dixie is a place with a proud and distinctive heritage. It is a place built by pioneers who, against almost insurmountable odds, took one of the more inhospitable parts of the planet and built it into one of the most beautiful, welcoming communities in America. It is that hard work, that invincible spirit, that love and respect for our fellow man, and trust in God that gives foundation to this place. It now motivates us to do our very best to protect it.

The respective issues that DSUHC intends to initially address are the following:

  • Oppose the emerging pressure to remove the name, use and term “Dixie” which enjoys a long historical precedent, from public and cultural recognition, including schools in the area; and especially as the official name of our Dixie State University;
  • Oppose the actions of certain local leaders and educators, who, either due to fear or out of ideological commitment, frequently submit to or sympathize with extremist priorities and philosophies in such matters as the management of law enforcement, in the education of our children (including higher – ed), or in pressuring the community to surrender its values to the inevitability of current popular media – scripted national trends;
  • Oppose the promotion and adherence to groups who are incensed with social conformity resulting in suppression of free speech, in removing our rights to protect our families, in the promotion of the defunding of the police, in weakening of our military or are otherwise facilitating an atmosphere in which persons may be encouraged to tear down, or seek to remove statues, monuments, causing injury or otherwise engage in mob activities or destruction of public or religious property that they consider offensive;
  • Support, on a very active basis, new candidates for public office who are willing to understand and uphold the constitution, are willing to stand strong against extremist movements (especially as they attempt to gain legitimacy in our area), and are fully committed to valiantly protect the values, quality of life, history, and prosperity of our community amidst the dreaded trends and dangerous circumstances that currently beset the nation.


We support freedom of expression, including by those with whom we do not agree, and commit to always protect their right to freedom of expression.

We feel that we have far more in common, in terms of our heritage and current challenges with many other oppressed cultures who sincerely seek solutions to improve their causes than we do differences. We urge all to listen to us, to understand us, and hopefully realize there is no reason to demean our history, or heritage or our culture in order to build up opportunity and hope for their respective causes. We are also willing to listen.

In many respects, the term “Utah’s Dixie” is to Southern Utah what “Aloha” is to Hawaii – an endearing term that means many good things and encourages good will and welcome. When used in this context, it has absolutely nothing to do with another more controversial part of the country – absolutely nothing!