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An Open Letter to Bill Christensen, President, Dixie State University Faculty Senate

Dear Bill,

My name is Daemon Basile.  I am the president of and an official spokesperson for Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition (DSUHC).

As President of the Faculty Senate at Dixie State University, the request is hereby made of you, in your official capacity, to allow DSUHC to have the opportunity to meet with the Faculty Senate at its next scheduled meeting, or at such special meeting as you may designate, to discuss DSUHC’s opposition to any university authorized effort to rename the university using a name that  excludes the name “Dixie” as a primary component of the name, as well as any policy or trend to reduce or discourage the use of the term on campus or in connection with DSU publications.  

We would request 45 minutes.  We will plan to have only a few of our members present and ask that you give ample notice and encourage as many faculty as possible to attend. We hope for an open and free-flowing discussion with interested faculty members of DSU. 

Please respond at your earliest opportunity (your response will be published on our DSUHC sites) or by joining our public FB page and publishing the response yourself. 

We are looking forward to meeting with the DSU Faculty Senate. Thank you. 

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