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Caucus Meetings Tuesday

Hello Dixie Supporters!

As you know we lost by a few votes at the Legislature to keep the Dixie name at Dixie State University.  DSU leadership had the votes to remove Dixie, but we are working to get the votes needed to restore the name during the next legislative session in 2023.  What Pres. Williams and his small circle of employees and 2 of our local legislators did to our community was wrong.  We need to take our name back.  The way to do this is to elect leaders locally and throughout the State who will support a bill to reinstate the Dixie name at DSU during the 2023 legislative session.

Locally, we are replacing 2 key legislators who fought hard to remove the Dixie name.  Rep. Lowry Snow has decided not to run again, as well as Rep. Brad Last who announced yesterday that he will not run again.

DSUHC leadership has been meeting with local candidates to find out their position regarding reinstating the Dixie name.  We are making sure that those who run for office in our area are fully committed to speaking up and supporting keeping Dixie at Dixie State University.  There are very good candidates to replace those who turned their backs on us.  We need candidates throughout the State to support reinstating Dixie at DSU.

In order to get good candidates in place, it is very important for you to attend your local Caucus Meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.





6 pm – Check-in

  1. 7 pm – Meeting starts

You will need the following for the Caucus Meeting:

  1.  Be a registered Republican, you can register at the caucus meeting.  If you are not sure you are registered, go to, enter your address.
  2. Take photo I.D., driver’s license is fine
  3. Show proof of where you live if it is different than your driver’s license address.  This can be a power bill, credit card statement, etc.

This year most of the precinct boundaries have changed as well as the precinct numbers.

Please find your new precinct number, then find the location for your Caucus meeting on Tuesday, March 8.  Most meetings will be held at schools in your neighborhood.  In some cases, 2 or more precincts are meeting in each building.  The information on the location and room of your meeting is on the spreadsheet.

Those who promoted the name change at Dixie State are also organizing their own people to attend their caucus meetings.  We need to show up in large numbers to elect delegates to go to our Washington County Convention.  Please consider telling your neighbors at your caucus meeting that you would like to be a delegate for the County or State Convention, just ask someone to nominate you prior to the meeting.  This is very important.  We need to have our people in place to make sure we get legislators who will honor the wishes of their constituents once they get to the State Capitol.  Please don’t expect everyone else to do this for you.  It is an important time for you to get involved.

We will continue to keep you informed and let you know how you can help Protect Utah’s Dixie in the upcoming months.

See the lists below of those in the legislature who voted to remove Dixie from DSU.

Representatives in the House who voted to REMOVE DIXIE from DSU:

  • Abbott, N.
  • Acton, C.K.
  • Ballard, M.G.
  • Barlow, S.
  • Bennion, G.
  • Briscoe, J.
  • Burton, J.
  • Christofferson, K.
  • Collard, C.
  • Dailey-Provost, J.
  • Dunnigan, J.
  • Eliason, S.
  • Ferry, J.
  • Gwynn, M.
  • Handy, S.
  • Harrison, S.
  • Hawkes, T.
  • Hawkins, J.
  • Hollins, S.
  • Johnson, D.N.
  • Judkins, M.
  • King, Brian S.
  • Kwan, K.
  • Last, B.
  • Lesser, R.
  • Lund, S.
  • Matthews, A.
  • Miles, K.
  • Moss, C.
  • Moss, J.
  • Musselman, C.R.
  • Owens, D.
  • Peterson, V.
  • Pierucci, C.
  • Pitcher, S.
  • Pulsipher, S.
  • Ray, P.
  • Romero, A.
  • Sagers, D.
  • Schultz, M.
  • Snider, C.
  • Snow, V. L.
  • Spendlove, R.
  • Stenquist, J.
  • Stoddard, A.
  • Teuscher, J.
  • Waldrip, S.
  • Ward, R.
  • Watkins, C.
  • Weight, E.
  • Welton, D.
  • Wheatley, M.
  • Whyte, S.
  • Wilcox, R.
  • Wilson, B.

Utah State Senate who voted to REMOVE Dixie from DSU.

  • Anderegg, J.
  • Cullimore, K. A.
  • Davis, G.
  • Escamilla, L.
  • Fillmore, L.
  • Iwamoto, J.
  • Kitchen, D.
  • Mayne, K.
  • McCay, D.
  • McKell, M.
  • Millner, A.
  • Owens, D.R.
  • Riebe, K.
  • Stevenson, J.
  • Thatcher, D.
  • Weiler, T.
  • Wilson, C.

We have met with Katy Hall who is running against Rep. Kelly Miles who sponsored the bill to remove the Dixie name.  Miles is serving in the South Ogden area, we hope Katy will be successful to take his place.  Please inform your friends and family in that area that we believe Katy Hall is a very good candidate, she met her husband Michael Hall while they were both attending Dixie College.  They are both upset that someone in their district would sponsor a bill that did not concern them directly.

Please take the time to share this message.  Please forward it to your friends and family in Northern Utah, we need their help.

We are working toward increasing our numbers as we will need many more supporters when we face the legislature next year to restore the Dixie name.  Please ask those on your contact lists to register on our website, we only ask for an email address and we do not share information with others.

Go to:  www.DSUHC.ORG

We also invite you to join our Facebook pages to stay informed:  DSUHC and Protect Utah’s Dixie

Let’s work together to protect the history, heritage, culture and traditions of beautiful Utah’s Dixie.  We hope you will invite your neighbors to attend caucus meetings with you on Tuesday!


Ilene Hacker

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