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DSU Leadership Makes “Claims” That Graduates and Students that Attend Dixie State Cannot Obtain Jobs Because of the Dixie Name


We ask that our Legislature, State Board of Higher Education and other government and community leaders take note of this very significant point.

The leadership of DSU is now alleging publicly that graduates of Dixie State University cannot get jobs due to the Dixie name. This has emerged as their prime justification. They have announced this in meetings with students, have taken such a position in university sponsored public panel discussions, have stated the same to the public generally and possibly to legislators as well.

We, members of the Utah’s Dixie community, find ourselves now having to defend the university from the negative inferences and disparagement toward the institution by its own leaders. In their desperation to try to gain advantage with the legislature to remove the Dixie name, (and strangely, with no proposed alternative name), they are now making statements and arguments, that even if true, would not be appropriate to declare publicly. These statements hurt the school and are likely damaging to recruiting, and to DSU’s reputation as well as standing among peer institutions.

We consider such comments to be untrue and inaccurate – based on anecdotal evidence at best and contrary to their own survey. As we all know, there are many reasons why one may or may not get hired for a competitive job. To lay blame so directly on the university’s name is very short- sighted and quite a speculative stretch.

But, what is really troubling, is the apparent poor judgement on the part of the DSU leadership in embellishing such negativity toward their own institution without regard to its potential impact on students. An important question to ask is what happens if they do not succeed in their quest for a name change? How do they then address the blight they have already placed upon the university? How do you put this ugly genie back in the bottle? It is not something that any business or enterprise would do to itself. Nor should we expect it from competent academic institution of higher learning.

As the University attempts to move toward a polytechnic model, the overzealous campaign for a name change appears to be one bridge too far for the university – a step that overshadows the university’s effort to move in this new direction. It exhibits the markings of an ill- conceived strategy that supersedes reason and common sense that further separates the university from the community in Utah’s Dixie – just at a time when the university greatly need the community on its side. This is not a wise move. This behavior suggests a serious need for more scrutiny and insight.

We sincerely ask the members of the Utah Legislature to stop this now, and refuse any bill in this session that would remove the name Dixie from our University. We ask the State Board of Higher Education to reverse its earlier endorsement of this move by DSU, and further, we request that DSU leadership immediately publicly recant, clarify and withdraw their negative claims that students are not getting jobs due to the Dixie name.


How can you help SAVE DIXIE?

1.  We now focus on getting everyone to contact the EVERY legislator in the State of Utah, ask them to VOTE AGAINST a name change for DSU.  

Since every legislator will vote, we must include all members of the legislature, not just our local representatives.

a.   We also ask that you contact all of your friends, family & neighbors and ask them to contact their own local legislators THROUGHOUT THE STATE to ask them to vote against a name change at Dixie State if the bill goes before the next legislative session in January 2021.


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