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DSUHC “Dixie Cowboy” attends the Lion’s Club Dixie Round-up Rodeo

I hear there's some controversy brewing about people thinking they can remove Dixie from Utah's Dixie.  Or, that they might even be trying to cancel the name of the Dixie State College. 

Well, I don't think your Lion's Club is going to remove DIXIE from their DIXIE Round Up any time soon, or remove DIXIE from the DIXIE Sun Bowl or that the  beautiful DIXIE on the Sugarloaf up on the Red  Hill is going to be canceled…do you?

For all you that are concerned about this attack on our community, as well as those that just might be achronymnphiacs, please welcome some of the leadership of “D-S-U-H-C”   which stands for Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition.  They are a recently – formed and rapidly growing community organization, (there’s already over 6,000 members!!), fighting to preserve the history, heritage, culture and traditions of Utah's Dixie!  And to educate folks on how Utah’s Dixie is distinct and different from Dixie in other parts of the country. 

They want you to join the fight to help the world know that everyone is welcome in Utah’s Dixie, that is, unless you have come here to change the name, rewrite our history, tear down our statues  or defund our law enforcement , … in that case, well, it’s “not so fast pardner…we need to have a talk!!”   

You can join the coalition now. They would love to have you, whether you were born here, or whether you just arrived via boat on the Virgin River steamer!  

DSUHC is for everyone… go to and start protecting Utah’s Dixie right away.  We need You! Again,   Save the name! Protect Dixie! 


Riding into the Dixie Sun Bowl at high speed,  with resemblance to the  “Electric Horseman”, of the famous Sydney Pollock film starring Robert Redford, Jane Fonda and Willie Nelson,  which was shot right here in the this arena in 1979, is Utah’s own “DIXIE COWBOY!!”

And, he is riding with a message for all of us:  RESPECT THE DIXIE NAME!  Do not let the cancel culture cancel Dixie, as some are trying to do. Do not allow Dixie State University to bow to the pressure. Be strong! Stand -up for your past so can have a great future! 

 The Dixie Cowboy is reminding you that the D-S-U-H-C,  DEFENDING  SOUTHWESTERN UTAH HERITAGE COALITION, with over 6,000 members, is working hard to defend heritage and protect what the early settlers and  pioneers worked so hard to create for us. He is hoping you will join them at, that’s right  

And since we are talking about history, the Dixie Cowboy has question for you:  On a dark night in late August of 1979 when the opening scene to the Electric Horseman was shot here in the Dixie Sun Bowl, they needed a crowd. It is said that almost half the town was here that night.  So, would all the folks that were actually present in the Dixie Sun Bowl as part of the crowd for the Electric Horseman opening scene, or otherwise in any other part of that movie as it was filmed around Utah’s Dixie, please stand up and give us a movie memorable star’s wave and be recognized. 

Let’s give it up for those many actresses and actors who helped get the world better acquainted with Utah’s Dixie on that night long, long ago.     

Again, the Dixie Cowboy is riding for a cause. He needs you to join the coalition right now…. go to DSUHC.ORG, sign up and join the movement to PROTECT UTAH'S DIXIE!

Thank you to your very own, UTAH'S DIXIE COWBOY! …DIXIE STRONG!

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