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Election Day Tomorrow!


If you have not yet returned your ballot, you can drop it off at a dropbox before 8:00 PM on Tuesday, June 25.

Vote in person with your photo ID on June 25 at the Dixie Center from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You can also register to vote on June 25 at the Dixie Center.

Every candidate is required to turn in disclosure forms for their campaign. The link below will take you to see all candidates in Utah. Click on “Candidates and Office Holders”, scroll down to see the alphabetical list. After clicking on the candidate, you will see “Convention” and “Primary”. These are the 2 required disclosure forms so far.
Example: Disclosures for Senator Don Ipson are attached. You can see who donated to his campaign which include Governor Spencer Cox, Cox's brother-in-law Michael McKell, and out of state donors.
Washington County has only received 23% of ballots so far.
Reminder, the Primary Election winners will very-likely be the General Election winners in Utah. Please exercise your right to vote.
It's great to live in Utah's Dixie!
Best regards,
Ilene Hacker

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