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Emergency Meeting to Save Utah’s Dixie

Please join us in our effort to KEEP the DIXIE NAME AT DIXIE STATE UNIVERSITY!

7:00 pm
Cottontown Village
Dance Hall building
25 North 300 West
Washington, Utah 84780

On 12-14-20 the DSU Board of Trustees voted to change the name of Dixie State University and remove the Dixie name.  That decision was then sent to the Utah Board of Higher Education for their approval, today that board voted to remove the Dixie name and now it will go to the Utah Legislature in January 2021 for a final vote.

We can STOP THIS!  It will take effort, but we can stop those who choose to erase our history and heritage from Utah’s Dixie.

We have plans to discuss with you at the meeting.

  1. We need funding to hire the best lobbyists to deal with the legislators during the 2021 session in January.
  2. We need the entire community, all Dixie alumni and a very large army of pro-Dixie people to write to every member of the legislature to ask them to support keeping the name Dixie at DSU.

If you have not already received the contact information from us for the entire legislature (see below).  Please write one email and send that email to every single member of the Utah Legislature ASAP!

Time is short…and it appears that this short time frame is all a part of  Pres. Biff Williams’ plan to remove the Dixie name.  It is suspect at best.

Here’s why:

DSU hired Cicero Group to conduct what we feel is a very biased survey to study the word Dixie.  The survey results were promised to be shown to the public on 11-30-20.  The survey results were conveniently delayed.  The Cicero group presented the results of the survey to the Board of Trustees and the Trustees voted immediately after the survey presentation to change the name and remove Dixie on 12-14-20.  The Board of Higher Ed met and voted today (12-18-20)  to change the name.  It puts us, the pro-Dixie group to a disadvantage because now we have little time to counter their actions.  But, we will fight this!

DSU obviously underestimated those of us who have a deep love for Utah’s Dixie.  We will not simply stand by and let them erase our history and heritage.  Our pioneer ancestors did not cower to hard work and difficult tasks…we won’t either!

Please contact your friends and family and join together as a community action group that will stand together to KEEP DIXIE IN UTAH’S DIXIE!  Contact your classmates too!

Together we are stronger!

Please join us as we make plans to stop this insanity of erasing and tearing down history!

“The most common way people give up their power is to believe they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

Please go to our GO FUND ME – SAVE UTAH’S DIXIE and donate or bring donations to this meeting.

You can also send donations to:

C/O Ilene Hacker
1810 Boulder Springs Circle
St. George, Utah 84790

Be sure to join our Facebook page & group too:  PROTECT UTAH’S DIXIE and DSUHC

Please email us if you have questions.


-Ilene Hacker,

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