Emergency Meeting to Save Utah’s Dixie

On 12-14-20 the DSU Board of Trustees voted to change the name of Dixie State University and remove the Dixie name. That decision was then sent to the Utah Board of Higher Education for their approval, today that board voted to remove the Dixie name and now it will go to the Utah Legislature in January 2021 for a final vote.

DSU Board of Trustees Vote to Remove the Dixie Name

Even though we have been promised many times by President Biff Williams and Dave Clark, Chair of DSU Board of Trustees, that they have NO PLANS TO CHANGE THE NAME AT DSU, they did exactly the opposite today at their meeting.

Name Facts: Prior Studies and Costs

Dixie State University is currently paying Cicero Group roughly $100,000 to evaluate whether or not to keep the name Dixie. What the Dixie community may not know is that Dixie State University already paid for a nearly identical study in 2013 (at a cost of $39,225) to help Dixie State select its current name. We […]

The Facts: Why is DSU Spending Nearly $100K for a “Dixie” name impact study?

If DSU is growing at a rapid rate, why spend nearly $100K for a study to see the negative impact of using the word “Dixie” in it’s name? https://youtu.be/pw8FawBWKNY Screenshots from the CICERO & DSU Agreement Click to share this article below: Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

An Important Message to the Leadership of Dixie State University

An important message to the leadership of DSU from Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition: We were taken aback by Chairperson David Clark’s introduction of President Biff Williams at the Dixie State University’s 2020 State of the University Address. That he would mar President Williams’ positive address with his bombastic and condescending attack is totally beyond […]