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Questions by Official Spokepersons for DSUHC to Local Legislators

We are Dr. Ronald and Sharon Snow. As official spokespersons for Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition (DSUHC), we are directing the following questions to the legislators from Utah’s Dixie:

  • Senator Don Ipson
  • Senator Evan Vickers
  • Rep. Lowry Snow
  • Rep. Travis Seegmiller
  • Rep. Brad Last
  • Rep. Walt Brooks

We respectfully request that you each respond within seven (7) days.

The Dixie Sun News (Dixie State University’s student newspaper) reported on August 31, 2020, of the recent adoption of a resolution by the DSU Faculty Senate that the name of the university be changed and that the name “Dixie” no longer be included, and further that the renaming be accomplished according to its new so-called “Stature to Distinction,” strategic plan within the 2020-21 academic year. A very small part of the faculty actually participated in the meeting.

It was reported by the Dixie Sun News that some members of the faculty senate were influenced by worldwide protests, by previous name changes of the university, and by the faculty senate support to remove the word “Dixie” from the university name. Some members of the faculty senate imply that the name when used in conjunction with “Utah’s Dixie” has racist connotations, alluding to antebellum slavery in the southern United States. We recognize, during previous iterations of Dixie State University, that some symbols of the Confederacy were used by the school. We state emphatically that use of those symbols and related activities were ill-advised and that they are no longer a part of this great school.

We ask that you state a “yes” or” no” answer to the following questions. An answer that suggests you will wait until the consultant’s report is available, or until the matter comes before the legislature will be considered a “no.”

QUESTION ONE: Do you oppose the removal of the word DIXIE in the event of any renaming of the Dixie State University?

QUESTION TWO: Will you vigorously oppose any legislative attempt to remove the DIXIE name at the 2021 Utah State legislative session or during any interim or special sessions when this matter may be discussed or acted upon?

Please answer by either joining the DSUHC public page and publish your answer to the questions, or send to the DSUHC email at

It will be published by DSUHC in its public pages and website.

We thank you in advance for helping us understand where you stand on this very important issue.


Legislator Name Question 1 Response Question 2 Response
Senator Don Ipson
Senator Evan Vickers
Rep. Lowry Snow
Rep. Travis Seegmiller
Rep. Brad Last
Rep. Walt Brooks

NOTE: Table above will be updated as responses are received.

Updated as of Sept. 11, 2020 at 8:50am MST.

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