Dear Utah Legislators, 
There have been so many great letters written to the Legislature regarding this major issue of the name of Dixie State University.
We strongly endorse the letters of Mary Ann Atkin, (my sister-in-law) Jordan Tanner(my cousin) and Nolan Archibald ( a classmate and dear friend) and hundreds of other supporting letters.
My wife, Cheri Bennett and our eight children, all graduates of Dixie. Cheri and Ralph are members of the Dixie State Hall of Fame, and we each have received Honorary PhD degrees from DSU for our life of service to Dixie and this Dixie community.
It is our sincere hope and desire that the Legislature will appreciate the great sacrifices made by this St. George community in preserving and nurturing this College/University with the wish that it may continue to grow and serve this community, State and Country.
PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS current and harmful trend of Cancel Culture and Political Correctness, destroy our History, our values, our Heritage and our love of Flag and Country.
PLEASE STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT and Keep Dixie in the name of the University.
As the Founders of SkyWest Airlines, which was born on the campus of Dixie Jr. College, and like so many others who have had long careers: in Law, Aviation, Teaching etc. meeting with professionals all over the world, and never has the name Dixie been treated with disrespect, never was I questioned as to why I attended a school with a name of Dixie State, in Southern Utah. If it were ever questioned, it provided an excellent opportunity to tell of the sacrifice and wonderful history of our small town and its people. We are proud of what and who we are and our heritage. I have found that when given the opportunity to explain the origin of our name and school, it has always been met with acceptance and appreciation. Racism is not now nor has it ever been a part of our culture.
We ask you to respect our wonderful heritage, as we strive to continue to be a beacon of hope, fairness, friendship and education in Utah’s Dixie. PLEASE SAVE OUR NAME.
Ralph and Cheri Atkin and family.
LAUNA and Donn Williams, SHANNA Carroll, JEFF and Ginger Atkin, JOE Atkin, AMY Andrews, RICK Atkin, JAMES and Angela Atkin and JEREMY and Chelsea Atkin (family members who graduated from Dixie State). And, we have two grandchildren currently attending Dixie with many more to attend.


How can you help SAVE DIXIE?

1.  We now focus on getting everyone to contact the EVERY legislator in the State of Utah, ask them to VOTE AGAINST a name change for DSU.  

Since every legislator will vote, we must include all members of the legislature, not just our local representatives.

a.   We also ask that you contact all of your friends, family & neighbors and ask them to contact their own local legislators THROUGHOUT THE STATE to ask them to vote against a name change at Dixie State if the bill goes before the next legislative session in January 2021.


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