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Open Letter to the President and Leadership of Dixie State University and Call to Action Regarding the Future of Utah’s Dixie

My name is Daniel D. McArthur.  I am an official spokesperson for Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition (DSUHC).

Our pioneer ancestors came to this land and fought the elements of a very harsh and inhospitable physical environment. It is an incredible story of courage and sacrifice. They succeeded in their struggle and bequeathed to us all this wonderful place known as Utah’s Dixie.  We are now faced with a similar challenge as we are confronted by an equally harsh and inhospitable, intellectual environment spawned, in part, by certain leaders at the very educational institution that our forbearers founded. Again, in honor of the past and to preserve the future, we must stand up, have courage, contest the elements, and make a meaning difference in our time.

Taking note of the Dixie Sun News Article of August 31, 2020, regarding the change of the name at Dixie State as well as the recent adoption of a resolution by the Faculty Senate that the name of the institution be changed and that the word “Dixie” no longer be included, and that the renaming be accomplished according to its new so – called “Stature to Distinction,” strategic plan within the 2020-21 academic year, it is now abundantly clear that that leadership of Dixie State University is disregarding the concerns of the community in favor of a full – scale effort to remove the name DIXIE from the name of the university.  And, that they plan to accomplish this change at the upcoming legislative session in January 2021.

Moreover, it is obvious that the Faculty Senate vote (a very small minority of the actual faculty), and the hiring of a “consultant” to advise on the choosing of a new name is a mere strawman concoction for the administrative and academic leadership to have safe cover to circumvent responsibility and accountability for the direction they have chosen to take the school. Likewise, soft – selling by the president over the past several months that suggests that name – change is a mere consideration but not a certainty, has now evolved to a less – than – forthright pretextual practice. Trust is now very much in question. We can now see that this is all part of a carefully orchestrated deception playing out before the eyes of what is perceived by the university as an inconsequential community. 

To DSU: To the president and the leaders of DIXIE STATE UNIVERSITY who are in league on this venture, you should understand that we consider this to be an assault on the history, heritage, culture and tradition of Utah’s Dixie. It is an offense to the community that you serve.  It is also disparagement directed at the memories of our ancestors (who are people who still matter), as well as an overt, disappointing and unimpressive act of kneeling and subornation to the Cancel Culture influence that is currently so pervasive in higher education.  You know, as do we that they will not stop until all vestiges of history, heritage, tradition, culture, and religion are beaten down to the level of their dictated narrative and approval.  You are totally naïve if you think otherwise.  You are taking a major step in the wrong direction!



To the friends of Utah’s Dixie, we cannot allow this pending misdeed to occur.  WE CALL UPON ALL OF YOU, in Southwestern Utah or wherever in the world you may be, to join us in a major public campaign like no other has ever occurred in the history of this area to halt this process and to convince the leadership of the university, the officials of higher education in Utah and the state legislature that this cancellation of Dixie should not be allowed to go forward. Please share this message broadly. This is one of the greatest causes of our time in Utah’s Dixie.  We need many thousands to join the effort. We ask that you act right away to encourage as many as possible to join this DSUHC FB page and also register on the STAND UP FOR UTAH’S DIXIE website at  and help us as we roll out the plan to defend  our heritage and honor of our past and the hope of a meaningful and joyous future.

Thank you.






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