The university naming committee has reportedly selected the name Utah Polytechnic State University. This means that the matter will now go to the Dixie State University Board of Trustees.
DEMAND is now made for an open and public meeting of the Board of Trustees before the entire community at a large venue such as the Cox Auditorium as the first step to vetting this new name. There should be no closed and quiet meetings as happened on December 14, 2021 when in a quick series of meetings the attempt to have the name change was simply rubber – stamped to the legislature.
If they do this, they are disregarding the intent of the Legislature in its substitute HB 278 bill.
The naming committee was just the first step. And the outcome was very predictable. There is no need for a rush. The legislation does not call for delivery of a name to the legislature until November 1. Any rush by the University leadership will be to merely circumvent the responsibly to allow for community input. They are very much alone, a very small group. They fear the wisdom of the community.
DSUHC requests the opportunity to present to the Board of Trustees. One hour will be needed. We suggest a large venue and a meeting time in the evening when all who desire can attend.
A letter regarding this request was delivered to the office of the President of the University last week in anticipation of today’s decision.
We call on the University leadership to pull the plug on this endeavor. By selection of the polytechnic name, we can see that they have been totally closed minded from the beginning. It is both amateurish and short- sided and indicates abject disregard for the history, heritage, tradition and culture of the community.

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