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Staheli wins in Fifth District Court!

George Staheli vs Utah Tech
Staheli wins in Fifth District Court!


“By George, I think you’ve got it!”

Thank you to George Staheli, Michael Judd and Mike Westfall.

Today was an excellent day for the people and the constitution.  Not so good of a day for the government.

George Staheli, is just the type of citizen the scares the daylights out of the sovereign.  Remember, the constitution exists to control the power and abuse  by government. It does not exist to control the people. And often the government(in this case the  government educational agency known by the ill- gotten name “Utah Tech”) gets the concept wrong and pushed that abuse to the limits. That is, until the court reset and reminded  the government as it did today that it can’t operate unfettered in secret.

As for Michael Judd, counsel for George Staheli, the King could have sent all of his horses and all of his men and it still would not have been a fair fight. Mike Judd is that good.

And as for Mike Westfall, the judge who is about to retire from the bench, he showed us that the constitution is alive and well in Utah’s Dixie. He was not intimidated by either side, despite the People  packing the courtroom and the government agency largely afraid to show- mainly  only sending its lawyers.  And even if he might have had a less than favorable view of the cause of one side or the other, he followed the law. He helped the sovereign understand that it is not all –  powerful. That there are limits to what it has tried so hard to do in secret.  And, that in this part of America, at least today,  there is still hope. That is what you get from a great judge. We should all wish him well in his retirement.

But most is all, George Staheli reminds us that it is not yet time to give up or surrender our values to woke culture,  government leaders or certain political elites that view this as as “end justify the means” type of world.

There is much left to discover now that the government can’t as easily hide on the Dixie name change question.  And thanks to George, perhaps we’ve got it!

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