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To: Our state legislators and Leadership at Utah Tech University


To: Our state legislators and Leadership at Utah Tech University
From: Tim Anderson
Re: The Anderson Solution “UT@D”
An attempt at Unity and Reconciliation
The issue of the removal of Dixie from the name of Dixie State University in November of 2021 by the State Legislature in HB 2001 has resulted in a continued gulf of division and disunity between a large part of the southwestern Utah community, and the university leadership/ Utah higher-ed education. It still is a prime political and social issue from a community standpoint. The community feels that the university leadership/higher- ed has been deceptive, overreaching, and disrespectful of community history, heritage, and culture in imposing the name change. The university leadership/higher- ed feel they have undertaken an important and courageous step for the future of the university amid an evolving socialist/progressive – influenced educational environment. The issue is not receding. It needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.
I. A ripe time for change
With the legislature’s very reasonable response to the impact of DEI/ cancel- culture policies at Utah’s institutions of higher learning ( the cancellation of the Dixie name being the most overt example in our state), with many of the Dixie name opponents now gone from the legislature, with many other states across the country (as many as 20) coming to a point of reason that taxpayers should not allow state funding for universities that automatically suborn and bridle themselves to the progressive narrative, and with the change of presidency at Utah Tech, the environment and time is now ripe for restoration of the Dixie name.
II. Legislative proposal
  I propose that our legislators announce their commitment to do all that is necessary at the 2025 session, or at an earlier Special Session as follows:
• Abbreviation: UT@D
• Diploma Choice: Graduates will have a choice of diploma: “Utah Tech University” or “Utah Tech at Dixie State University”
• The names “Utah Tech” or “Dixie” may be names of choice used and applied at the discretion of the University, but “UT@D” shall become the official trademarked abbreviation and fully replace the “UT “abbreviation. The full name of the university “Utah Tech at Dixie State University” shall be displayed on the monument at 100 S and 700 E. and at any other key entry points to campus. The university however, shall not be required to modify the current use of the “Utah Tech” or “Utah Tech University” name, such as on the Stadium or Human Performance Center and other major signs (other than electronic signs where changes can be easily made), or at locations which would result in considerable expense, unless it, in its discretion, decides to do so or is making a major sign overhaul or replacement due to wear and tear.
III. Important objectives and Benefits:
A. Keeping the Utah Tech name which was the core of the recent legislation and for which considerable expense has been made.
B. Returning the heritage- based Dixie name to its proper and respected place in the history and culture of Utah’s Dixie and, among other things, reestablishing the purpose and significance of the “D” on the Black Hill.
C. Showing of major support for the university going forward through a sense of conciliation and support for the settlement of the issue by allowing all involved to look backward into the past and forward into the future so that all parties can willfully join in celebration of a solution to what has been a very volatile matter.
D. Alleviating the new president from having to deal with this divisive issue.
E. Giving the university leadership leeway in using the respective names tactfully and appropriately, while at the same time, as a matter of policy not removing or deemphasizing the reasonable use or application of the name “Dixie” in campus media and publications.
F. Introducing into the higher – ed marketplace a school abbreviation that is both unique and distinctive as it oozes a hi – tech/digital perception UT@D which will considerably enhance marketing options for the institutions and create positive attention consistent with its Polytech emphasis and perhaps even become the envy of other schools who don’t have a cool name you can do this with. It will also step away from the “UT” abbreviation that is confusing and substantially non-distinct because it is already used as an abbreviation by many other institutions and for many other devices and processes.
IV. Conclusion:
This needs to be committed to now by leaders and politicians and become a regular part of current political discussion and not set aside or buried in studies by the higher-ed bureaucracy. We need to know who is in favor and who is against from a local voting standpoint, and then take it from there.
V. Unity in our community.
This will lead to a very significant unifying effort and greater goodwill and peace in our community if it is pursued now.

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