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Emergency Meeting to Save Utah’s Dixie

On 12-14-20 the DSU Board of Trustees voted to change the name of Dixie State University and remove the Dixie name. That decision was then sent to the Utah Board of Higher Education for their approval, today that board voted to remove the Dixie name and now it will go to the Utah Legislature in January 2021 for a final vote.

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To Change Utah’s Dixie

Therapists are gifted with a unique understanding to ‘get’ both sides of an argument. This comes in handy in couples therapy when it’s important to

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The Word “Dixie”

SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT DOUG ALDER I am Douglas D. Alder, a Guest Spokesperson for DSUHC. I served as President of Dixie College from 1986

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Caucus Meetings Tuesday

Hello Dixie Supporters! As you know we lost by a few votes at the Legislature to keep the Dixie name at Dixie State University.  DSU leadership had the

Keep Dixie Event

You are Invited! Protect Utah’s Dixie / / Dixie Alumni presents “Keep the Name!” Wednesday, October 20, 2021 Dixie Center 7 pm – Free

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